Monday, November 24, 2008

countdown to thanksgiving # 12- Thanksgiving take-home boxes...

don't you hate it when you go to families houses for the holidays & they ask you if you would like to take some leftovers home with you, just to say... "oh, i don't really have anything to put them in."  or they wait until after dessert & they wash out a Cool Whip container.  not at my house!!! (i only use real whipped cream:)  i featured these little beauties on my personal blog, but because they were about food & i promised thanksgiving tips... here is my #1 favorite holiday tip for packing leftovers!!!  for the full instructions go HERE.  but here is a brief summery... i think you'll get the idea!

{thanksgiving take-home boxes with vintage clipart cards}

{i got the images from a holiday vintage clipart book}

{the leftover cast... stuffing, turkey, rolls, pumpkin cookies, cranberry sauce, gravy, ect.}

{packed in a 6 x 6 kraft colored box from heaviest to lightest}

{i tied with one with turkey twine... how appropriate!}

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