Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nakole's mexican chicken chowder...

{Nakole's Mexican Chicken Chowder}

3 pounds Chicken
1 cup chopped Onion
2-3 Garlic cloves, minced
4 T. Butter
4 Chicken bullion cubes
2 cup liquid (reserved from chicken)
2 tsp. Cumin seed
4 cups Half and Half
4 cups grated Jack Cheese
2- 14oz. can Cream of Corn
2- 4oz can Green Chiles
a few shaked of Tabasco

Boil chicken with 1 onion quarted & 1 TBSP salt. Reseve 2 cups of the chicken stock for soup. Cool chicken & shred.

Saute onions & garlic in butter in pot until soft. Then add rest of ingredients except for half and half and jack. Bring to Boil. Then add half and half and jack. Make sure to turn your heat to low. Stir constantly until combined.

Top with pico de gallo & Enjoy!

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Sha said...

I am going to make this tonight. I love recipes that look yummy (and that when I read them, I don't think "That would be good, but I don't want to go grocery shopping.") I HAPPEN to have all the ingredients this time! Thanks Brit.