Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coconut Kiss Kooler- Smooch!

*Recipe club last night was super fun and very delicious! I must say that my favorite things last night were the desserts! (I keep wishing I had more)) Yummy pumpkin coconut cupcakes and those fabulous 7 layer bars. One recipe club night I say we do only desserts- and everybody has to bring one! That would make for a very delicious and good time. Last night I made the drink and I made my recipe cards to go along with them, but I forgot to take the recipe with me to the store so I just tried to remember what was in the drink- my memory isn't too good, so I will post both recipes- the one I made up and the real one! They both are really good and simple!

Kesley's Coconut Kiss Kooler
2 bottles of ginger ale
1 can of coconut cream (don't put in the fridge)
1 large can of pineapple juice
grenadine syrup ( I put in about 1/2 of cup or so)

Pebble ice and cherries

Mix the cream of coconut and pineapple juice and grenadine syrup in blender then pour over the pebble ice and ginger ale. I totally forgot to garnish with cherries-but it would be totally cute too! Super yummy and really refreshing!

Coconut Kiss Kooler
12 servings

12 oz cream
9 oz coconut cream
18 oz cherry juice
12 dashes grenadine syrup
18 oz pineapple juice

mix in the blender add a cherry on top and you have one delicious drink to sip on!

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brit said...

this drink was so super yummy!! i will totally make it again! it was the perfect blend of flavors. & not too rich! thanks kes!