Monday, January 10, 2011

a little more cpk yum...

while on my long vacation from blogging, i did actually go on vacation. one of my purchases- the last of the cpk cookbook trilogy:)
i bought my first cookbook from california pizza kitchen in 1997, my senior year of high school, while on vacation with my friends. i was a food nerd even way back then:) since then i have made lots of food from it & the other i bought a few years later. now, they have a new family cookbook & it included one of mine & my kids favorites... yep, there mac & cheese. super easy, super tasty & oh so not healthy! so if any of you are trying to be better this year with your eating, maybe stop reading now. still with me??? make this, as easy as box mix, mac & cheese today!

{cpk's mac & cheese}

1 large bag- fussili pasta
2 lbs. velveta cheese, cubed
1 quart heavy cream
2 tsp. salt

cook pasta in salted until el dente. drain & set aside. in the same pot combine cream, velveta & salt. stir continually until cheese is melted & smooth. add cooked pasta & mix. serve immediately.
**for leftovers- reheat one bowl at a time in microwave. add 1-3 tsp. of water per bowl. cook 30 seconds, stir & cook another 30 seconds or until heated through.


Siggy Spice said...

This is the same for the Outback Steak House Mac-a-Roo and Cheese! Except they use penne. I was on a quest to get the recipe and have a friend who works there and pointed me in the right direction. I totally didn't believe him...then I tried it and yup, that was it!

Cambriaaaa said...

De. Lish. Ous. Yum!