Thursday, April 17, 2008

Garlic Chicken Farfalle...

Thanks Summer for hosting R.C. last night. Unfortunately I couldn't stay & since it was spring break a lot of other people missed out as well! So, here is what I made & hopefully others will post there recipes too.

{I actually double the butter, cream & cheese. Also Mykelle had a great idea to add toasted pinenuts...Yummmm!}

**To print this recipe right click on the image & "Save As..." or "Save Image...". I would just save it to your desktop, but if you have a recipe file that works great too! Then you can just upload it to Costco or save to a disc & print from there. This file is 5"x 7".

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Tara said...

That sounds delish! Too late to try it today, but maybe tomorrow:)