Friday, April 25, 2008

Everyone must try this salsa. I can't take credit for it because it is my friend Robyn's recipe but it is to DIE for! I made it last night and can I just tell you I have been dreaming of it ever since.
Put all your Veggies in food processor and then mix in your liquids! You can't screw this up I promise!!!


Britnee said...

so excited to try it! I hope that this is the card that you are bringing to the swap...super cute!

Britnee said...

k-so I made this for a BBQ last night...Yummmm...I also added cilantro!

Robyn said...

Im so proud of your card, you have become so crafty! Now I think I need to go and eat some of that salsa, there is some in my fridge right as we speak!