Monday, June 7, 2010

Raspberry Tapioca Jello salad

I thought for sure that I had posted this recipe before- but I came searching for it tonight and its not on here- I know I have brought it to Recipe Club- but knowing me- I never posted it:) And there is one that is similar to this recipe on our blog but not the same so I thought that I would post mine. I just made this for a funeral lunch in my ward today- and got an email saying what a hit it was and that everyone wants the recipe:) It is a perfect Summer Salad.
What I love about this salad- is that its SIMPLE and Delicious!! You can totally mix things up with this salad too- try different fruits and jellos (strawberry, peaches, mandarine orange, cranberry, etc...)- this past week I tried it with pina-colada jello and frozen pineapple- it was so yummy! Try it- I promise you won't regret it- and your kids will love it too!:) Happy Summer everyone!

3 cups water
1 3oz raspberry jello
1 3oz Cook and serve vanilla pudding
1 30z tapioca pudding
2 bags frozen raspberries
2 8oz cool whip

*In sauce pan heat water til almost boiling and stir in dry ingredients, make sure they dissolve and cook til comes to a full boil and get thick.(2 minutes)
When pudding mixture has cooled fold in fruit and put in fridge to cool. When cold, mix in cool whip and refridgerate over night or til set up. Enjoy!


narrow kitchen table said...

I was imagining of what it looks like because it sounds delicious.

alisa said...

it does sound good, i like the idea of the frozen pineapple acually.. it is a bit like a trifle recipe, without all the cream and cake.

monika said...

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