Friday, February 22, 2008

The roll affair-

{I didn't make this card...I got it from the exchange}

I got this recipe at an recipe exchange I did about a year ago & I haven't found a better one. One of my best friends Kacy says that if her husband ever leaves her, it would be for these rolls! I don't know if they are quite that good...but I have been known to eat a dozen or so all by myself. They really are easy too. I know that sometimes anything bread can be intimidating!!!, but I promise they aren't hard--just time consuming with the rising & all. The only other thing is, the dough should still be sticky. If you over flour your rolls will be tough. I always use 7 1/2 cups flour in the dough, plus whatever you need to roll them out.

*To print this card-right click on the image & "save picture as..." then you will find it in whatever files you saved it in. You can print at home or if you have photo editing software, you can put multiples on a page & take to Costco on a disc. The card is in 6"x 6" format.


Robyn said...

Ok just for anyone looking at these, you have to try them because they are the most heavenly rolls ever, I dreamed about them the next day!

Anonymous said...

I actually know Kaylynn personally and these rolls are absolutely the best. Once I learned this recipe, I have never made any other roll recipe. Because Kaylynn left a legacy in our ward, whenever we have any type of gathering these rolls are expected by our members. I was in the Relief Society Presidency and it was required to know how to make these rolls to fulfill the calling!!